The first Independent Progressive School in Staffordshire

for children aged 4-14.

Demetae Academy is the first Progressive school in Staffordshire for children aged 4-14. We believe that all children deserve an education and curriculum that fits their needs. In an ever changing world we create a curriculum that suits your child.

Our new school is set within an Edwardian property in the heart of Newcastle under Lyme. Our fully refurbished building gives the children a perfect backdrop and setting for them to flourish and develop whilst they embark on their educational journey. Class sizes are no bigger than 10 children, which allows for engaged and focused learning, both in and outside of the classroom.

Our Vision

At Demetae Academy we believe childhood should be protected and encouraged with nurture and well-being at the heart of everything we do, the talents your child has will be celebrated daily. 

The key to our learning style is independence, where children are taught how to think not what to think, in a culture of self-directed learning - curiosity and innovation are the key to academic achievement and discovery. We will encourage a love of our surroundings, the environment and each other, whilst creating resilient learners who are prepared for life in an ever-changing world.

Demetae Academy will be rich with individuality, excitement and encouragement.

Our aim is for every child who attends Demetae Academy to have a truly unique and engaging learning experience and as they continue their life journey, they will use the skills and knowledge they have gained that will lead them on a pathway to a life of success.


Not one day can be wasted in a child's education, so if your child is a high flyer, struggles with the constraints of a traditional school system or would just thrive in a creative learning environment that promotes individuality, then Demetae Academy is for you. We do not select children based on academic ability.

Scandinavian Inspired

Having been inspired by Montessori and Scandinavian style approaches to education, we incorporate some of these theories and practices into our school but also believe in certain forms of traditional education for structure and routine. We have managed to find the ideal blend of these practices to give your child an educational experience like no other.

Our Curriculum

Every child will follow a curriculum, that is in line with the Nation Curriculum, it is our approach that sets us apart from other schools. Incorporated into our curriculum will be a range of alternative experiences that meet the needs and interests of all our children. As we are small in numbers we can create bespoke curriuculms that will engage and entrall our children. Forest School will be an integral and regular component of our weekly timetable as well as regular visits to local environments that will enrich the learning experience for ebery child.

Why Choose Demetae Academy?

Our curriculum is unique and it is this that sets us apart from other schools.


Fully Refurbished Building

A perfect backdrop for a unique learning experience. 



Learning Groups

Class sizes are no bigger than 10 children, allowing for greater teacher and child interaction.


Focused Learning

Engaged and focused learning, both in and outside of the classroom.

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At Demetae Academy we welcome EVERY child and our Headteacher would be more than happy to arrange a one to one meeting with you and your child. 

So if you would like to secure a place please click the link below:

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